3 Car Christmas Eve MVA
By Member Danny Beauvais
December 24, 2014

@19:35hrs Shepherds along with Engine 4 were alerted to a reported MVA with injuries @ the intersection of Perth & Cornelius Rd. Weather conditions favored a light mist of rain after an all day shower and dense fog conditions in the area. Shepherds 557 (Fowler) arrived on location shortly after and advised of a 3 car MVA with no pin-in or entrapment command would be established and would be out checking for injuries. Engine 4 arrived on location followed by Rescue 5. Personnel from Engine 4 checked out all patients involved while Shepherds assisted with traffic control and checking for any fire hazards. Once EMS arrived care was transferred and all parties involved were deemed code 4 (denied care or transport). Upon arrival of NCSHP and the next rotation wrecker all units were assignment complete and back in service within the hour.

**Photos Courtesy Of: M.Bednarik**

Units: SVFD: R5
Mutual Aid: MFD: E4